This year I’m going to get fit!!

Ok so we here this from our friends and family every year but this year I mean it. It will be 10 years this year since my mum died and I want to do something special for it, a challenge, and hopefully raise some money along the way too.
I’m going to run a half marathon, why not a full marathon I hear the runners cry…well let’s see if I can get over the half marathon first please. You have to learn to fly a 2 seated plane before a jumbo jet and all that..
Now I am reasonably active at the moment but I am nowhere near fit for 13.1miles, especially after a 2 week holiday in October and then Christmas but I need to up my game if I am going to get anywhere near the level I require to give it a decent go.
My aims are simple, I want to complete the course without stopping and I want to enjoy it along the way. My wife ran the Great North Run last year and she did really well and I know the competitive side of me will also be aiming to beat her time but I am not motivated by times just completing it.
I used to play a lot of football and have sadly suffered from lots of muscular injuries, strains on the hamstring, groin and knees and VectorToons.comI do find running long distances a struggle, throw into the mix my asthma and I know this will be a bit of a struggle.
Not only that but I think because I have always played team sports that usually involved running around after something I also find the mental side of running difficult too.  It’s on my own and mind constantly tells me I am tired, it’s difficult not to listen to it at times but I am determined to plough on this time.
The most I have ever ran was 9 miles and that was last year with my wife, but she does run slower than my natural pace and I think this really helped me. At my natural pace I have got to around 7 miles but that was over a year ago now.
My aim is to get down to the gym in the winter months, try to build the distance up on the treadmills and then hit the roads when the weather changes as I find it is hard to run in the cold weather with my asthma, especially if it’s windy.
I have done a little reading around long distance running as well and I have read that it’s not all just about the running but also I will need to build up my core and that’s where I will be using a Personal Trainer to get my core strength up and therefore my stamina.
It all sounds so easy on paper doesn’t it but this is where the hard work starts, get down to the Gym, get the work done and then I can reap the rewards as I cross the line and do my mum and the rest of my family proud. 
I hope you can all achieve your goals this year too.
Good Luck

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