The 5:2 Diet – Pros and Cons

The 5:2 diet pros and cons are outlined by different nutritionists as well as medical practitioners. The 5:2 refers to a diet that focuses primarily on limiting the taking of calorie rich food substances for two days while feeding on normal food substances for the next five days.

This form of diet schedule is popularly known as intermittent fasting. This fasting is not the serious abstinence from any food substances but it involves abstaining from calories within the chosen two days. However, the two days within which the calorie intake is limited should not be consecutive thus not following each other. Therefore, the two days can be picked from the possible seven days. During the two days of no calories rich food substances, the individual should feed on a healthy diet.

The planning of the 5:2 diet should be done in regard to the gender of the individual observing the diet. This is because each gender required a specific amount of calories that varies from that required by other.  In this case, if the individual is female, the intake of the calories should be below the set limit of 500 while for male individuals should observe a diet with below the set 600 quantity.

When planning for this type of the diet, a nutritionist as well as the exercise instructor should be consulted. This is the 5 2 dietimportant as it helps in evaluating the amount of calories to be reduced without adversely affecting nutritional value as well as considering the calories to be lost during workouts. An example of a 5:2 diet plan is having a limit of 150 calories during breakfast, 100 calories for dinner while at dinner 200 calories limit is maintained. In this snacks can be given a limit of 50.

What are the pros of having 5:2 diet?

Observing a 5:2 diet for a period of time brings about various benefits to the body of the individual. The benefits include;

Enhanced insulin resistance

A well planned 5:2 diet brings about an enhanced insulin resistance in the body of an individual. This is important for prevention of some debilitating illnesses such as the diabetes type 2 caused by increased uptake of insulin by the body cells. When the body gains considerable insulin intake, issues of fast aging are eliminated through the promotion of IGF-1 hormone hence keeping one young and energetic.

Weight loss

Observing the 5:2 diet helps in considerable weight loss. This is achieved through the controlled intake of calories in every week. It is important to note that the amount of calories taken in a normal diet is never fully utilized unless one is involved in full time sporting activities thus most of the extra calories are changed into fat resulting to weight gain. Therefore, abstaining from taking of calories each week helps to provide only the required amount of calories required in the body. This leads to desired weight loss making this diet ideal for preventing or controlling obesity.

Promotes general body health
The 5:2 diet promotes the general health of the body. This is because the diet helps in elimination of the toxins present in the body tissues. In addition, the diet enhances the potential of the immune system in the body hence protecting the body better from infections and diseases. The diet also makes the immune system to be long acting in the body. The elimination of toxins and enhanced immune system result after a controlled intake of calories done through the fasted two days in every week.

Fast with enough nutrition

When observing the 5:2 diet, one is not required to have full fasting for two days. This is not healthy for the body as the body would be denied the necessary nutrients for two days hence weight gain. This diet leads to achievement of the set goals that includes good body health and fitness. This is because the “two days fasting” is only for the food substances rich in calories while food rich in other nutrients are taken.

Cost effective

The 5:2 diet is cost effective. This is because when observing this diet, one does not have to spend on food substances rich in extra calories that are not required by the body. This helps in maintain a healthy and fit body while saving more on glossaries.
What are the cons of observing 5:2 diet?

The following are the challenges and possible effects of observing a 5:2 diet.

Takes time for body to adjust

One of the challenges in observing 5:2 diet is that it takes quite a while for the body to adjust. The body is wired to respond to a routine system. In this case, when introducing the two days fasting from calories intake the body does not adjust immediately to the change leaving the person craving for those food substances rich in calories. This might make one to break the planned schedule hence not achieving the intended goals.

Metabolic issues

According to some medics, a poorly planned 5:2 diet may lead to metabolic issues. This is because the cutting of the calories levels in the food is not gradual but abrupt within the two selected days. In this case, the body is used to digest and absorb calories in the normal diet while there is an absence of the calories in a day.
It therefore, confuses the body’s metabolism that may result to digestion issues and other complications especially if the 5:2 diet is observed for a long period of time.


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